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The Art of Aging: Blanco, Reposado, Añejo, and Valor's Crafted Complexity

A premium tequila, like Valor tequila, is a spirit that is carefully crafted from the finest ingredients and processes, resulting in a luxurious and sophisticated drinking experience. Unlike mass-produced tequilas, which prioritize quantity over quality, premium tequilas are made with a deep reverence for tradition and a commitment to excellence.

At the heart of every premium tequila lies the extraordinary agave plant, a succulent native to the arid regions of Mexico. The very best tequilas are made from 100% blue agave, a variety prized for its rich flavor and natural sugars just as Valor tequila is made from 100% Blue Weber Agave.

Sustainable Agave Farming

Top tequila producers prioritize sustainable agave farming practices to ensure a consistent supply of high-quality raw materials while minimizing environmental impact. This includes employing traditional cultivation methods that avoid synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, implementing efficient water usage strategies, and promoting soil conservation. Many also participate in agave replanting programs to maintain the long-term viability of this critical crop.

Once the agave plants reach maturity, which can take anywhere from five to twelve years, they are harvested by skilled jimadors and jornaleros, who carefully trim away the sharp leaves to reveal the piña, or heart, of the plant. These piñas are then slowly cooked in traditional brick ovens or autoclaves, a process that concentrates the natural sugars and develops the unique flavors that will ultimately define the tequila.

The cooked agave is then crushed, and the resulting juice is fermented. Though some tequilas will add a proprietary yeast strain that contributes to the tequila’s distinctive character, Valor tequila relies solely on the flavor of the agave and makes its additive-free tequila with just two ingredients: agave and water. This fermentation process is closely monitored by expert tequileros, who ensure that the sugars are transformed into alcohol with precision and care.


Premium tequila makers take great pride in producing an additive-free spirit, like Valor. No artificial flavors, colors, or sugars are added during the production process. The beautiful complexity and nuanced flavors emerge purely from the agave itself and the careful techniques used to transform it into tequila. This commitment to an all-natural product ensures an authentic experience for discerning tequila enthusiasts.

The fermented liquid is then distilled, a process that separates the alcohol from the water and other compounds. Premium tequilas are typically distilled twice, or even three times, in small batches using copper pot stills. This meticulous distillation process ensures that only the finest and most flavorful components of the agave are captured in the final spirit.

After distillation, the tequila is aged, a step that further refines and enhances its flavor profile. The different aging periods result in three main categories of premium tequila:

  • Blanco: Unaged tequila that is bottled immediately after distillation, showcasing the pure agave flavors and aromas

  • Reposado: Aged for 2-12 months in oak barrels, developing light notes of flavor and depth of color

    Valor Reposado tequila boasts a unique flavor achieved through four months of aging in American White Oak Bourbon barrels, offering a spicy, sweet, and fresh herbal sensation with a dry finish. Nothing quite compares to its crisp scent of fresh green apples intermingling with the warmth of cinnamon, a gentle hint of mint, and delicate mineral notes. The depth of Valor Reposado’s honeyed color and flavor reveals a complex flavor profile only achieved through the careful mastery of agave heritage.

  • Añejo: Aged for 1-3 years in oak barrels.

    We’re thrilled to announce that Valor’s Añejo is finishing its final days in American White Oak Bourbon barrels and will be hitting shelves soon, stay tuned to experience the flavor profile for yourself!

The aging process can range from a few months for a blanco or silver tequila, to several years for an añejo or extra añejo, with each additional year of aging contributing to the spirit’s depth and complexity.

Ultimately, what sets a premium tequila apart is the passion, attention to detail, and respect for tradition that goes into every step of its production. From the careful cultivation of the agave to the precise distillation and aging processes, each decision is made with the goal of creating a tequila that is not merely a spirit, but a work of art – a testament to the skill and dedication of its makers.

Introducing América Berenice Vázquez Landeros

The Valor Women in Tequila Series

Valor is proud to announce our Women in Tequila Series! In this series, we will be highlighting women working across the tequila industry, from agricultural experts to managing distilleries. These trailblazers are breaking molds and forging new paths and they’re worth knowing about!

We’re excited to start with a feature on América Berenice Vázquez Landeros, the talented Environmental and Safety Management Systems Engineer for NOM 1599. America and her team have been integral to the Valor journey from the start. Click here to watch her tell her story.


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