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World-class tequila dedicated to having a positive impact.

Valor crafts additive-free tequila that directs 10% of every bottle purchased to local needs identified
by the community of Jalisco.

Image of Christiane Maertens, Founder & CEO

About us.

Valor is a tequila that is delicately smooth, impeccably clean, and deeply connected to its roots. Each sip is a testament to our commitment to quality, tradition, and sustainable practices.

No stranger to business with a purpose, Valor Bebidas’ founder and CEO, Christiane Maertens, saw an opportunity to put a new purpose in motion as she delved deeper into understanding the tequila industry’s changing landscape.

The global tequila industry is booming, but the fruits of its success aren’t typically reaching those who deserve it most. Christiane envisioned a business that could return the prosperity of tequila’s success back to the local artisans – those who are the heart and soul of the spirit.

Thus, Valor was born. A tequila brand that embodies the true spirit of agave, honoring each individual involved in its production journey – from the hummingbirds that pollinate the plants, to the Jornaleros who tend the fields year after year, to the highly skilled Jimadores who harvest the piñas by hand.

Valor, with its heart firmly rooted in respect, follows a holistic process that strives to leave a positive impact on the environment and the people involved in crafting our exceptional tequila.

We invite you to join us on this inspiring journey. Here at Valor, we don’t just make tequila; we cultivate relationships, foster community growth, and celebrate the art of tequila-making passed down through generations. As you savor each sip of our expertly crafted tequila, we hope you feel a part of our story – a story of intention, heritage, and valor.

Christiane’s Grandmother, Enriqueta, standing in front of the family’s agave field.

Meet Zun Zun

The hummingbird is revered as one of the most sacred animals to the indigenous peoples of Mexico. Believed to be stewards of goodwill, these tiny creatures carry the thoughts and intentions of one person to another. When you see a hummingbird it means someone, somewhere, is thinking of you fondly. 

At Valor, we pair the hummingbird with the indigenous symbol for balance. This signifies our purpose to bring people together, to be of service, and to balance profit with equity as markers for success. Our intention guides us to embrace each moment as one of celebration.

About our Founder.

Our founder’s story begins with a spark of curiosity, a dash of heritage, and a heart full of enthusiasm and love. Born into a lineage of farmers and agronomists, Valor Tequila’s founder and CEO, Christiane Maertens, has devoted her life to building enterprises that prioritize sustainability and human-centered values.

Christiane’s exploration into the traditional tequila-making process revealed a family legacy – agave fields that once thrived under the attentive care of her ancestors in El Salvador. The discovery forged a profound connection between her past, present, and future. Inspired by her heritage, she embarked on a journey to breathe new life into the ancient art of tequila-making.

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*For a limited time, sign up for our newsletter get free shipping when you buy Valor Blanco + Reposado! (Excludes MA & HI)

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*For a limited time, sign up for our newsletter get free shipping when you buy Valor Blanco + Reposado! (Excludes MA & HI)

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