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10% For Prosperity

Valor isn’t just an exceptional additive-free tequila. We respect the artisans of the spirit at every stage of production. From the tireless dedication of Jornaleros who tend to the agave year after year, to the skillful Jimadores who harvest it; and, to the family-owned distillery with generations of care and practice. Our commitment to this purpose goes beyond words – it’s ingrained in our business ethos. With 10% of every bottle purchased reinvested in the community, we are driven to support and celebrate the individuals and ecosystems that make our tequila possible.

Ethical & Sustainable Business Practices

True tequila can only be produced in certain Mexican states that meet designation of origin requirements, similar to other popular drinks like champagne and port.  

Products tied to a specific region tend to bring economic growth and opportunities to local people. However, the surge in tequila’s popularity has led to drastic changes in growing, harvesting, and distilling practices. The once valued and revered roles of artisanal tequileros have been reduced to meet mass-market demand.  

Valor is dedicated to helping to break this pattern. In collaboration with a small, family-owned distillery, NOM 1599, Valor is building a human-centered business grounded in respect and opportunity. 

Our goal is that our efforts, informed by the local community and our partners at ProNatura, the University of Guadalajara, and the Public Center of the National Council of Humanities, Sciences and Technologies at Michoacan College, will grow over time to help redirect the booming success of tequila back into the hands of local people.

Valor is committed to ensuring every bottle: 

  • Promotes fair wages, safe working conditions, and job security
  • Engages in sustainable agricultural and harvesting practices for the land and the ecosystem – like the hummingbirds and bats that pollinate the agave plant
  • Amplifies impact through community-led investments made by the Gente Buena Foundation 

We are committed to ongoing and long-term collaborative change.

Valor has launched the Gente Buena Foundation to further and deepen its commitment and impact in Mexico. To learn more about Valor’s commitment to community-led impact work and learn how you too can make a difference (beyond enjoying a bottle of Valor), visit the Gente Buena Foundation.

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*For a limited time, sign up for our newsletter get free shipping when you buy Valor Blanco + Reposado! (Excludes MA & HI)

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*For a limited time, sign up for our newsletter get free shipping when you buy Valor Blanco + Reposado! (Excludes MA & HI)

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